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Sunshine Coast / Noosa 

12 William Rd. Eumundi


QLD. 4562



Trained and Apprenticed as a Draftsperson and an Architect: The best of both worlds

You have made the first step - deciding to build a dream home, let us help you realise it


If you want a home tailored to who you are, what your block of land will allow while achieving the most for your budget, Walk Studio is uniquely placed to do so.


Utilising the architectural approach of function over form, the design process employed is an intensive examination of what is possible, and how your wants are achieved. This system allows for the client and designer to effectively explore the best possible outcomes of the highest design aspirations and ultimately arrive at something unique that you can't imagine a better way of using the site.

Walk Studio is an emerging creative studio our goal is to exceed clients expectations, and you only have to look at our growing number of homes and clients  reviews to see the satisfaction in the integrity our process and work.


As a sole practitioner, the entire process from concept, to happy home owner is handled by the director at every step . Unlike other practices where the student documents while the director emails, every decision at Walk Studio is made by a seasoned professional with strong dedication to ownership and rationality.




In addition to top tier building design:


Building Design

Concept Sketch Design

Architect Models

Pole Home Designs

House Plans

Duplex Design

Drafting Service

Commercial Fit Out Plans

Commercial Design

Arrange Engineering Documentation
Arrange Building Approval

Council Approval Drawings

Tender Documentation