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WALK STUDIO finds the challenge of the sloping block to be amoungst the most rewarding and dynamic projects in building design. The sites particular conditions always offer new challenges and opportunities for a connected, cost effective home.

The sloping site demands an intelligent approach to building and enabling ease of living on the side of a hill with the interaction of spaces and floor levels carefully considered as part of the overall program. These blocks can have privacy concerns, vehicle and pedestrian access troubles, solar intrusion/extrusion and engineering issues, all which when carefully addressed with a complete design process create a home that feels resolved and comfortable. Clients living in our completed houses feels as if there is no other better way to interact their lifestyle/family with the site and surrounding environment.

Banksia House Noosa Section Sloping Block.jpg
Banksia House Noosa

The current lack of green sites in the Sunshine Coast and Noosa means the only realistic opportunity for people wanting to explore bespoke, tailored homes is to buy blocks seen as too steep and difficult to be an easy build. While the costs are marginally greater for such construction, the afforded views and spacial experiences the site provides make the home much more dynamic and the integrity of the design more evident. If you have a block you are contemplating to realise your home don't hesitate to get in touch....



Coolum Architecture beach house




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