We are an emerging Sunshine Coast Building Design practice creating well crafted, award winning, responsible homes


We aim to rigorously respond to a clients and sites needs by realising the most creative, rational and conscious use of the site and budget.





Walk Home was founded by two people with a passionate belief that thoughtful home design enriches life and makes a positive connection between the people and place place it resides within. These two partners bring very different perspectives from their personal and professional backgrounds with individual skills that while complimenting  each other, enable the realisation of a balanced home.


Bachelor Architectural Design (distinction)                              RMIT.

Diploma. Build Design                                                                  SCIT.














Joshua trained in a number of acclaimed architecture practices in Melbourne after university, gaining expertise in Residential Architecture that would best serve  the client and realise  stunning homes.

Moving back to the Sunshine Coast enabled him to co-found Walk Studio to design relevant homes which connect the occupant to site.

QBCC 15018637

   QUT                                                                    Bachelor Arts

Film Television Production















Holly was instrumental in establishing and directing leading placemaking practices in Melbourne.


Her experience at practices such as Renew Australia and Village Well gave her the skills and expertise to become a founding member of Walk Studio and focus the practices output and integrity.


We are a full service Design and Documentation Practice...    and everything in-between.


We offer a step by step process which breaks down the design, documentation and decision making involved with creating a bespoke home from an idea. This process focuses on increased client involvement and therefore ownership of the finished home.

The overwhelming prospect and investment of Design and Construction is not something clients have a lot of experience in. A guiding professional hand is the only way to ensure a home delivers what the client and site want.

Walk Studio uses the latest 3D CAD software combined with traditional architectural models and sketching to achieve the best  outcome for your investment



With the availability of land becoming scarce on the Sunshine Coast the importance of a well considered re-calibration of a home is paramount to ensuring a conductive life in an established suburb/home. Many coastal homes built in the past seem to belong in a very different climate and place, but with considered changes these homes can be brought into the SE Queensland way of life with minimal effort

Renovations can quickly spiral once the building is peeled back- so every consideration is given to the impact of moving or utilising existing structural elements. 




Given the shift in the housing market the need for full utilisation of a family home has risen in the past years. We are engaged in a number of solutions to accommodate more occupants on a site:

   Granny Flats for Aged occupancy

   Adult Child/Student accommodation

   Tiny House / Movable Structure which does not require council approval

   Air BnB Asset building

   Infill / Under-house extension


Walk Studio has trained extensively in the application of sustainable architecture. We see this as a primary design consideration when engaging in a project.

The climate of the Sunshine Coast is extremely conducive to work with as a favourable orientation yields vast benefits in comfort to the home though out the year. Former clients often make a point of showing how easily they can take advantage of breezes and to suns path to make the house comfortable and connected



With the high cost of land and building many clients and developers want to test the viability of a project with a feasibility report which identifies the key factors, benefits and issues a particular site contains.

Fear of over-capitalisation has becoming a deciding factor with many new clients and it often is detrimental to their home and its design. We can offer a feasibility report to assure the client that the investment and budget of a design is within scope.




To ensure and overall language of design an integrity we offer a complete Fixtures and Fittings Selection and specification.

Every switch, tap , light and tile can be selected and consulted on - especially from a pinterest account of 10000 images - all to the clients satisfaction.



To ensure the integrity of the project Walk Home Studio offer a list of appropriate builders whose work we can respect. Once the Design has been finalised and all elements specified we can present a list of interested tenders for comparison and negotiation.