4 Bed

3.5 Bath


Wagtail Renovation and Extension was designed for a young builder and his family looking to expand and invest in their home in Peregian.


Wagtail aims to take advantage of the Sunshine Coast and the Noosa National Park environment and conditions it resides in. Originally a small 70s commission home it was obvious that the builders put more importance on budget rather than reacting to the impressive rainforest canopy surrounding the home. The owners had some ideas of pushing the house further into the rainforest, but we saw that this would make the existing house a redundant element in the layout and experience of the house. The decision was made to formulate a floor plan that acted like a bridge with vehicle parking below, joining the house with the street and framed the rainforest through the renovated existing house.


Natural Light was pulled into the bedrooms from a gradually angled roof to the north. This allowed for a dramatic Street presence and a modern language to tie in with the old


To marry the old and the new, they were separated by a bridge - to ensure no installation of box gutters, no remodeling of the roof and to reinforce the feeling of being in on a bridge. This feature also connected the entry bridges language with the program of spaces and highlighted the canopy views height as a destination at the end of the entry journey.


The design intent was to open the house to the reserve and connect the old to the road height with a ‘bridge’ to achieve a sense of arrival. The structure will bring the observer from the street level through the home to a deck at canopy height, experiencing the dropping ground level and the program of the house – while still ensuring the private rooms are kept private.  


The materials aim to be raw and honest with exposed hardware to link/expose the integrity of old with the new, while celebrating the new domestic nature of the home. The white weather boards are continued into the internal hallway which is intentionally wide to make a space reminiscent of the enclosed hallway of a converted Queenslander architecture. The client was after a Hamptons Style vernacular, and we took this and dragged it into an Australian context.


Wagtail house is a great example of how an existing home can be made to meet the needs of modern occupants with a cost effective and rational addition that fully utilises the existing investment. As the source of many of our interested clients it show the benefits of good home design as a base.










1.  Carport

2.  Store

3.  Boat

4.  Entry

5.  Bedroom

6.  Bath

7.  Deck

8.  Dining

9.  Kitchen

10. Living

11. Bridge